Why Your Differential Matters

When was the last time you had the differential in your vehicle serviced?  Do you know what a differential is and what it does? This is an old video, but it perfectly explains this important component of your car or truck.

Differential service is part of your manufacturer's regularly scheduled maintenance. Service mileage varies by vehicle, so check your owners manual or you can find the information online.

Cost for diff service runs $100-200. But NOT servicing your differential? When those gears wear out and break, that repair will cost about $1500 and put you out of your car for a few days. 

We encourage our customers to budget and save $100-150 a month to stay on top of regular maintenance and tire replacement. Taking care of those items at the correct intervals may seem like a hassle and money you don't want to spend, but in the long run it will dramatically increase the lifetime of your vehicle and cost you far less in major repairs. 

Your car or truck is an intricate machine. Most of us need a dependable vehicle to do life. Take some time to see if your service items are up to date. If you're behind, that's okay. We can determine what things are the most important and help you get caught up on a manageable schedule.

Show your car or truck some love and it will thank you by giving you years of dependable service. 


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