What Does the Carburetor Do?

The carburetor in your car serves numerous functions. It is responsible for mixing fuel and air. There has to be a precise mixture ratio maintained at all times for an efficient combustion process. In addition to attaining the right balance, the carburetor controls your engine speed.

Common Problems With Carburetors

Suppose you notice an issue during your drive, specifically about acceleration, deceleration, fuel economy, or your engine running rough. You may also see an intense amount of exhaust smoke. If you experience any of those problems, you should bring your vehicle into 3G's Automotive, Inc. Chances are your carburetor could be the culprit. Some common carburetor problems include carburetor flooding, leaking, or misalignment. At our shop, various parts, including your carburetor, will be inspected by a member of our trained team. You should know that minor issues within the carburetor can lead to much more severe, dangerous, and expensive complications down the road if you don't get them corrected. Remember that the combustion process is fundamental to your overall car performance. If there is an inconsistency with the fuel and air mixture, it will lead to combustion problems and necessitate repairs. 


Carburetor Repairs in Tigard, OR

If you notice any signs of a malfunctioning carburetor, please do not hesitate to reach out to our professional service team at 3G's Automotive. The sooner you bring your car to us, the sooner we can catch the problem and fix it. 

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