What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

Often than not, we chastise ourselves for speeding across a speed bump when distracted. After getting over the fright of your life, you cruise along more carefully but oblivious of the damage the speed bump causes to your car. Hitting a speed bump causes significant damage to your vehicle.

Here are some examples of the damage speed bumps do to your car:

  • They cause significant damage to your tires: Speed bumps are about three to four inches high. Despite seeming small, they can give your car some air if you hit them fast. As your car lands back on the road, the tire's sidewalls tend to touch the ground. This increases the risk of a blowout and significant damage.
  • Damage the shocks: Shock absorbers are designed to absorb road imperfections. This is why you hardly feel all the dips, bumps or rocks your car goes over. However, when you drive very fast over a road imperfection or speed bump, the shocks aren't able to quickly absorb the unexpected energy which results in damage. Damage to the hydraulic system, in turn, causes the shocks to break down, leaving your car unprotected.
  • Cause lack of alignment: Once your car shocks are malfunctioning, the rest of the car starts deteriorating. Unrelenting vibrations will harm other essential systems that keep the car functional. The steering component, for example, when shaken for prolonged periods, will put the wheels out of alignment. Every delicate component and system is put at risk when you speed over a speed bump.
  • Destroy the exhaust system: The exhaust system is designed to divert harmful fumes away from the controlled combustion in the engine. It also works to reduce noise and pollution. When you hurtle over a speed bump, your exhaust is likely to hit the road hard enough to damage it, causing a malfunction. This causes pollution and results in your car operating at an energy deficiency.

Speed bumps promote safe driving and ensure pedestrians are safe from potential accidents. It is crucial to cruise over them properly for the safety of all road users and to protect your investment. Bring your car to our auto repair shop today for any car repairs.

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