What are the Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors?

What are the Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors?

A fuel injector supplies fuel to the engine. It has a nozzle that sprays the fuel into the cylinder for combustion to take place. For the process to be effective, the fuel must be delivered in the right amount and time. Besides, it must be at the right pressure, spray pattern, and angle for combustion to be successful. Most vehicles use Engine Control Units (ECUs) to manage fuel injectors via various sensors to ensure these parameters are met.

If the fuel injector has a problem, you may notice various signs when the engine is running. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Engine stalling or rough idle: If the vehicle does not get enough fuel or gets an uneven supply, the RPM during idling goes down and results in violent or rough idle. If RPM goes too low, the car stalls and has to be restarted.
  • Engine vibration: Sometimes, a faulty fuel injector causes the cylinder to shut without receiving fuel. There will be a hiccup in the system that will cause the engine to vibrate after attempted combustion without fuel.
  • Misfiring: If the combustion engine receives low amounts of fuel due to injector clogging, the engine misfires and struggles to accelerate. You may also experience a pause when you press the gas pedal.
  • Check engine light: The 'Check Engine' light means that something is wrong with the engine. The onboard computer generates a code that shows the error. While the error may show other issues with the vehicle, it is good to have the vehicle checked and the issue resolved.
  • Fuel Leak: If the fuel delivery system is broken at any point, some or all of the fuel may be leaking out. You may find gasoline near the fuel rail or splash on other engine parts.
  • Fuel odor: If you can smell the fuel. It means that there is a leak at some point in the fuel delivery system. Ensure that the vehicle is inspected in case of any fuel odor.
  • Bad fuel economy: If there is a leak in the injector system or there is too much fuel delivered, you may notice poor fuel economy, which makes it expensive to run your car.

If you experience any of the above signs, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for professional repair!

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