Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Pets

There's nothing like your first long trip with Fido or Cleo, but you'll want to make sure it's memorable for the right reasons! Here are some top tips for smooth sailing (well, driving) with your companion by your side.

Make Sure They're as Comfortable as Possible

The absolute most important thing to do when traveling with your pet is bring plenty of water. You can buy special stabilized bowls that shouldn't spill if you sit them on the ground so your pet doesn't have to wait if they're thirsty.

You should also give them as much space as you can. If you're traveling with a small animal or cat, you'll likely be taking them in a carrier or travel enclosure. But if a dog (or very behaved cat) is your fellow traveler, they'll need a comfy spot where they have room to lay down, sit or stand as they wish.

Plan breaks

Your pet will need a bathroom break just like you. Small pets will be able to relieve themselves in their travel enclosures, but if you're traveling with a dog you'll need to let them out regularly. As well as a chance to do their business, they'll appreciate a good leg stretch every so often. And with less pent-up energy, they'll be a much nicer travel buddy!

Do Some Pre-Trip 'Admin'

Before you set off, make sure your pet has a tag with your information on it, especially if they're not micro-chipped, just in case they should make a break for it far from home.

You should also make sure you have your pet's vaccination records on hand, in case they get sick or need boarding at any point. Having the information on your phone should be fine, but you could keep the documents with your own travel papers if you prefer.

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