Reasons Why You Should Never Drive with Low Tire Pressure

Driving any vehicle with under inflated tires can have immense adverse effects on its handling, gas mileage, safety, and more. Here are four reasons why driving with low tire pressure is a huge no-no in the automotive world:

Low Tire Pressure Will Decrease Your Car's Performance

When tires are too low on air, they become less steady and lose their gripping power. With traction down, you will notice your steering and braking capabilities declining. All of these things can put you in harm's way.


Low Tire Pressure Lowers Your Gas Mileage

Just like how it takes much more effort for you to pedal a bike with flat tires, the same concept applies to your vehicle. Low tire pressure forces your car engine to work harder due to the extra resistance that your flat tires present. 


Low Tire Pressure Reduce Your Tires' Lifespan

When you ride with underinflated tires, its tread will wear unevenly. In most situations, abnormal wear will be most prominent on the tire's inner and outer shoulders. If you know a thing or two about cars, tires are not cheap to replace. You can avoid the costs altogether by regularly checking your psi and topping your tires off with air.


Driving With Low Tire Pressure Is Dangerous

As mentioned before, a drop in vehicle performance can put your safety at risk. Moreover, the most dangerous problem presented by low tire pressure is a tire blowout. Even if they don't blow, you're more likely to experience a flat tire with under-inflated tires. Both are major inconveniences and can be avoided with regular tire pressure checks.


Simply take this as a friendly reminder to frequently check your tire pressure. You should do it as often as once a month. 


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