Here's What You Should Check for Fall Care Care Month!

October is autumn car care month, and that starts in the next upcoming week. Proper car care goes a long way to enhance the safety and reliability of your car. Taking some time out of your busy schedule for your vehicle can help you avoid the headaches and costly repairs later on. To prepare for the cooler months in Tigard, OR, we've compiled this list of ten items you should check in your car, SUV, or truck so that it can get you through the rest of 2021.

  1. Check all of your vital fluids. Your vehicle comprises various hydraulic systems that depend on fluids. These essential liquids include motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Please make sure these are topped off to ensure that your systems work correctly.
  2. Inspect hoses and belts (timing, serpentine, etc.). You should examine your rubbery parts to ensure they are not cracked, broken, loose, or showing signs of wear.
  3. Test the car battery and replace the battery if needed. At 3G's Automotive, we have the proper tools to test your battery for you. Our team can also check your terminals for signs of corrosion during the process.
  4. Check the braking system. In addition to checking how much of your brake pads have worn down, you should inspect your brake linings, rotors, and drums too!
  5. Inspect the exhaust system for leaks, damages, and broken supports or hangers. Exhaust system problems usually produce an unusual sound of sorts. Leaks can be dangerous and must be addressed and fixed ASAP.
  6. Check the engine to make sure it is providing an even balance of power and fuel economy.
  7. Check the HVAC system considering you'll need proper airflow this fall and winter for cabin comfort. You'll also need your defrosters to work in the winter weather.
  8. Inspect the steering and suspension system for safe and confident vehicle handling and control when you're behind the wheel. 
  9. Monitor the tires, including tire pressure, tread, and wear patterns. Uneven tread wear may mean that you need a wheel alignment before it gets cold.
  10. Check the windshield and lighting so that you can see through the rain and snow! 

It's a good idea to give your vehicle some extra love and attention before the harsh weather settles in. If you need a full-point inspection, please visit 3G's Automotive in Tigard, OR. Our service team is always delighted to assist you with all your vehicle needs. 

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