Driving Tips and Car Maintenance During Cold Months

Extreme weather can be frightening to the average driver as well as dangerous. About half a million car accidents are due to bad weather conditions and about 2000 or more road deaths occur every winter. So it is important to know how and when to drive during the cold months and also know how to maintain your vehicle as well.


Driving Tips for Cold Weather

  • When driving on a slippery road due to ice or snow don't use cruise control.
  • Check your routes ahead of time for their weather condition and avoid those that need to be avoided if need be.
  • Slow down as it is harder to control and stop a vehicle on a slippery surface.
  • Brake gently, this will help you avoid skidding on slippery surfaces.
  • When driving on hilly terrains, use low gears, this will help you keep traction.

How to Maintain Your Car During the Cold Months

Not taking proper care of your car during the cold months can significantly lower your car's lifespan. Vehicle maintenance is important all year round, however, it is more so important during the winter season. Here are some tips to help your car get through the cold months:


Get Snow Tires

Snow tires retain more flexibility during the cold so they are a great option for the cold months. While they won't exactly eliminate the chances of slipping and sliding, they will provide more traction than the standard tires.


Check Fluid Levels

Always make sure that you have a solid supply of wiper fluid as this assists your visibility in case of heavy rains or storms. Also, keep your gas tank full, this is very important during winter. A full gas may help in keeping accumulated water in the fuel pump from freezing and may help you stay warm by keeping the engine running if you happen to get stuck.


Check Battery

It's very important to make sure that your battery can last through the winter. If your battery caps are removable then make sure to check your fluid level every month.


Check Oil

Cold weather makes oil thicker which reduces engine circulation so purchase thinner oils during the colder months.


If your car is due for maintenance to prepare it for the cold months, please bring it in to 3G's Automtoive, Inc today!

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