Customer Supplied Parts

Over the past 7 years a topic that comes up from time to time is if we will install customer supplied parts. The short answer to the question for 3G's Automotive is no. There have been times we have made exceptions, especially for customers wanting to install custom high end parts to "mod" their car. When we do install customer supplied parts we make it clear that the Nationwide 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty normally offered on repairs does not apply, and if the part fails the customer is responsible for purchasing the replacement part and any new labor time to change it out. This same rule applies to used parts, like transmissions and motors from a wrecking yard.

There are a multitude of factors that go into the auto industry standard of practice to not install customer supplied parts:

  • when we purchase the parts we can offer you a warranty on the repair
  • when we order the parts we know it's the correct part
  • when we order the part we are covered for any liability of a parts failure and resultant problems
  • parts markup profit is part of the overall calculation of net profitability to keep the doors open

We strive to provide exceptional vehicle repair service to all of our customers, at a reasonable cost that is competitive to charges by other repair facilities in the area. But at 3G's Automotive we believe we offer more than this - we believe our job is to care for our customer and to see each person as an individual with inherent value as a person, not just a paycheck. Repairing their car is just a part of our calling to serve our fellow man.

This article published by AAA lays out all the reasons much better than I ever could.




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