Coffee - elixir of the gods.

I have lived in Portland since the mid 80's. During that decade Oregon made the news when a guru and his followers took over the town of Antelope and made Rajneeshpuram. "Rajneeshees" dressed in red and lived communally. If you are too young to remember it, there is a very good documentary series on Netflix that shows the rise and fall of the Baghwan.

Sometimes it seems like Oregon makes the news for less than admirable things. But Portland has become well known for a lot- the Portland Trailblazers, Saturday Market, and Voodoo Donuts, to name a few. No longer the red-headed step child of the West Coast, Portland is considered on par with San Francisco for fabulous restaurants, THE place for tasty microbrews, and COFFEE. If you're like me and need that beautiful cup of serenity every morning, you may be interested in A Street Car Named Delicious. The $49 tour will take you to 5 microroasters and cafes where you can get a taste of the finest espresso. 

And now that I've made a segue into cars, before you head out for spring and summer fun give us a call. Now is the time to schedule needed maintenance and repairs. A little prevention will save you a lot of frustration. Call or request an appointment online. We look forward to serving you!



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