4 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Fleet Vehicles

At 3G’s Automotive, we understand how important your fleet’s safety and appearance are for your business. Your vehicles need to be in tip top shape for their trips this summer. The heat can take a toll on your fleet, and we’ve got you covered with these fabulous fleet maintenance tips.


1. Thorough washing and detailing of all your vehicles, including the undercarriage

It’s important to give your fleet vehicles a deep clean every once in a while. Detailing services include a deep clean of both the inside and outside of the vehicle. It is vital that you can the undercarriage and other metallic parts so that any remaining road salt doesn’t linger to cause corrosion. 


2. Cooling system maintenance  

As mentioned before, the heat can quickly get to your car engine and cause a breakdown. To ensure your cooling system is doing its job, be sure to monitor your coolant levels. And don’t hesitate to get a coolant flush if you need one.


3. Brake check

Are the brakes on your fleet squealing and squeaking? It could be a sign that they’re due for a brake service. For the safety of your fleet drivers, a brake inspection is key.


4. Oil and filter changes

Last but not least, oil changes for fleet vehicles is an easy and essential task. The most difficult part is remembering when they’re due for one. With the many miles they go and heavy loads they carry, your engine needs proper lubrication to prevent repairs down the line. 


At 3G’s Automotive, we can help you keep up with your fleet maintenance. If your car is due for service, please give us a call or stop by our shop today!

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